Welcome Brothers


We have redesigned our webpage in order to more easily post and distribute information.  We will be posting any and all relevant information in the “news” area of our page.  Check back for updates often or follow us on Twitter.  If you have a Facebook account you can request to join our closed group or our open group on Facebook, or go like our Lodge page.  I am hoping to add a “member’s only” area that will require a login and password at some point in the future so that we can store information that we normally do not release to the public. In the meantime, peruse at your leisure or check out our Trestle Boards.



Lodge Dues Online

Dues can be paid online now. They are $110.00 plus $3.59 PayPal service charge. For those who are not aware of Paypal, you will be able to use either a credit card, or your bank account, to pay for items on line, in this case your dues. The Lodge stores no information and Paypal operates on a secure server to protect your information. They add a very small fee for using this service. Follow the link below and you can use your checking account or credit card to securely pay your Lodge dues. As always, dues are payable by December 31st for the following year, but you can always pay early. This prevents hardship, as most of our Masonic financial obligations are due at this time. As these funds are all the Lodge has to operate on, your prompt attention to this obligation is greatly appreciated. Also located below is a button if you wish to donate to the lodge or pay a specific amount for items or events such as a ritual book or attendance fee.

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