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What Freemasonry Expects From You

If you take the leap and become a Freemason, here is what our Fraternity will expect from you.

1. Duties. Freemasonry demands and expects that every member will place the needs of his family first, his obligations to his vocation second, and after these his duties to Freemasonry.

2. Fulfill Your Commitments. As you progress through the three degrees of Freemasonry, you will take certain obligations to the Fraternity. It is expected that you will abide and hold true to the obligations you take and follow the laws outlined in the Arizona Masonic Constitution and the bylaws of the Lodge.

3. Lodge Membership. While a member of the Fraternity, you will be expected to hold membership in a Lodge and pay dues in said Lodge. Once you become a Master Mason, you can apply and hold membership in any Lodge you are accepted in worldwide. You can be what's called a dual member (holding membership in multiple Lodges) or you can transfer your membership between Lodges if you so choose. If you decide Freemasonry is not for you, you can withdraw your membership from all the Lodges you are a member in good standing of.

4. Financial Responsibilities. There are certain financial responsibilities associated with your membership, just as there are costs in membership of any organization. These however, are not too onerous. The fees payable are set by the Lodge in its by-laws which include:

4.1 Candidate Fees. An initiation fee payable prior to joining the Lodge. This covers your registration with Grand Lodge, and the provision of certain items which will be presented to you on becoming a full member of our organization known as a Master Mason.

4.2 Annual Dues. An annual fee payable to the Lodge. Annual dues include dues owned to the Lodge for being a member and fees owed to Grand Lodge for being a Master Mason in the state of Arizona (called Per Capita). Annual dues only apply to Master Masons and will not affect you until you have achieved your 3rd Degree. The Lodge uses the dues it collects to maintain the facilities of the Lodge, pay utilities, fund charitable projects, complete building maintenance, and for all other matters of Lodge administration. While the Lodge Secretary will send out an annual reminder to pay dues, regardless of you receive this notice or not, Lodge dues must be paid by 1 January of every year. Failure to pay your annual dues will suspend you from the Fraternity to include all Lodges and Masonic organizations you are a member of worldwide. NOTE: Each Lodge and organization charges their own annual dues. The more Lodges and organizations you join; the more annual dues you will have to pay at the end of the year.

4.3 Charitable Giving. At various times during the year you may be asked to contribute time or money to charitable projects being organized by the Lodge. Your contribution must at all times be determined by what your circumstances will permit. This is for you to determine and at no time should you place your personal financial viability at risk.

5. Time Commitments. While it is not mandatory, being part of the Lodge means being activate in the Lodge and attending meetings and degrees. Huachuca Lodge No. 53 meets on the first Wednesday of every month at 7 PM. Our degrees are also scheduled on Wednesdays. If you wish to be a contributing member of Huachuca Lodge No. 53, plan to be at the Lodge for 2 to 3 Wednesdays out of the month.

5.1 Officer of the Lodge. In the Lodge, there is a set hierarchy starting with the Tyler who guards the doors to the Worshipful Master who governs the Lodge. Once you become a Master Mason, expect to be asked to occupy an office and contribute to the Lodge. Masonic Lodges run in 12-month terms, each member occupies an office for that 12 months and then moves on to the next office. This continues until a member becomes the Master of the Lodge.  After becoming Master of the Lodge, you can choose to carry on past the Lodge level  and serve at the Grand Lodge Level (aka State Level) and serve as a state officer.

5.2 Degree Work. During your time as a Master Mason, you might be asked to study a section of the ritual and take part in the degrees given to other candidates, as they take their journey through the process.

6. Contact Information. It will be your duty to keep the Secretary of the Lodge updated anytime your contact information changes. This is important to ensure you received official communications from the Lodge and Grand Lodge which includes your yearly dues card.

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