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So… you want to be a Mason

So you are considering becoming a Mason, but aren’t ready to make the leap. That’s good, you’re already demonstrating one of the attributes Masons hold dear; specifically seeking knowledge.


Here are a few things upfront for you to consider:

Masonry insists that all men shall come to its doors entirely of their own free will without expectation of personal gain or profit. This means if you want to be a Mason, you have to ask a current Mason to join the fraternity. We teach ethics and morality and require that you profess a belief in a supreme being, for no atheist can ever become a Mason. While we require a belief in a supreme being, we do not attempt to define it from a sectarian point of view. Each man’s relationship with his supreme being is his own


While many Masons have been prominent in American, and even the world, politics we hold no partisan of political discussions within the Lodge. It is hoped that each man will participate in the government of his city, State, and Country as his morals and values may dictate.

President George Washington

Masonry attempts to develop a man into an honest, ethical, and charitable member of society; to attempt to realize his own potential; in short, to make good men, better. You can expect to gain no more than you are willing to give, for this journey is your own. Your Brothers are there to help nurture, care, and guide you towards a state of perfection.

To apply, you must profess a belief in a supreme being, be a man of moral conduct, pass a background check, and at the time the petition is submitted, be 18 years of age or older. Additionally, you will need to list three men who know you and are willing, if asked, to speak on your behalf. These men need not live in the area in which you are applying. Lastly, two Masons will be required to sign your petition with you. You are required to have known these men for a period of six-months. One of these signers must be a member of Huachuca Lodge No. 53.

The six-month requirement is typically a problem for many applicants. For this reason, we offer you the opportunity to visit with us each time the Lodge is open. We hold meals prior to every Lodge function and it is at these meals that you can get to know the members of the Lodge, and they can get to know you. There is a monthly schedule posted at the front doors of the Lodge, and on this website. You can also obtain information by contacting our secretary listed under the “contact us” area.

President Harry S Truman

Start The Journey!

Solicitors will be blocked!

Thanks for submitting! Someone will be in contact with you shortly.

Once your petition is received, your journey begins. It takes some time, and a significant amount of effort on your part, but is well worth it. The Masonic journey is, to some, one of the most important journeys of their life.

In closing, research our fraternity; talk to our members; study us; then, when you’re ready ask a Mason for a petition and join our Lodge. You will be glad you did.

Freemasons are united in the common goal of becoming better men. If you're ready to find more, fill out the form to the left and a Freemason representative from our lodge will reach out to you shortly.

We recommend reading what Freemasonry expects from you next. 

King George VI
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