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Rainbow Girls from Sunrise Assembly No. 39 Extend a Helping Hand to Cochise Shriner's Club at Cochise County Fair

Lodge Secretary

Sep 23, 2023

In a Display of Community Spirit, Young Leaders Offer Support at Soda Booth

The vibrant and dedicated members of Sunrise Assembly No. 39 of the Rainbow Girls proved their commitment to community service once again, as they joined forces with the Cochise Shriner's Club at the recent Cochise County Fair. The joint effort was aimed at raising funds for the Shriner's Children Hospital, a noble cause that resonates deeply with both organizations.

Under the clear skies of the county fair, the Rainbow Girls showcased their enthusiasm and dedication as they operated the soda booth in collaboration with the Cochise Shriner's Club. With beaming smiles and a contagious spirit of camaraderie, these young women worked tirelessly to serve refreshments to fair attendees, all while spreading awareness about the Shriner's Children Hospital.

The partnership between Sunrise Assembly No. 39 and the Cochise Shriner's Club exemplifies the strength of unity within our community. Their combined efforts not only raised substantial funds but also demonstrated the power of teamwork in supporting those in need.

The proceeds generated from this heartwarming initiative will be directed towards the Shriner's Children Hospital, a facility renowned for providing world-class care to children with specialized medical needs. The Rainbow Girls and Cochise Shriner's Club can take pride in knowing that their hard work will contribute to making a tangible difference in the lives of these young patients and their families.

The members of Sunrise Assembly No. 39, guided by principles of friendship, service, and leadership, continue to be shining examples of the positive impact that young individuals can have within their community. Their involvement in initiatives like this serves as an inspiration for others to join hands in making a meaningful difference.

As we celebrate the success of this joint endeavor, let us also acknowledge the dedication and generosity of all those who contributed to this worthy cause. Together, we reaffirm the spirit of compassion and solidarity that defines our lodge and community.

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