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Sierra Vista, Arizona

Getting girls ready for life!

A sisterhood for young girls ages 10 to 20

The International Order of the Rainbow for Girls prepares girls for responsible and purposeful adulthood through character and leadership development, encouraging unselfish service and higher ideals in life, and promoting teamwork and effective interpersonal communications.

Sunrise Assembly No. 39

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While you were at home
Last Weekend in Rainbow I ...


Worked on my

Communication Skills


I worked with the other members of my Assembly to select and plan out the adventures I wanted to do. Things like visit theme parks, go snowboarding, attend opening movie nights, go whitewater rafting, support my favorite charity, and more…

Completed a

Team Building Exercise

Work hard, play hard! That's my motto. I use every adventure we go on to bond with my fellow Rainbow sisters and build lifetime connections.


Learned to

Achieve a Goal


Rainbow has taught me that big goals need to be broken down into little goals called milestones. Milestones make big goals easier to achieve and gives me a road map to follow to accomplish any goal I set out to complete.

Worked on my

Social Skills

One of the best places for me to practice my social skills is with other teenagers. Rainbow knows that creating opportunities to practice these skills is key, so by taking part in fun adventures is a great way for me to be continuously building these skills.


Supported a

Local Charity


Rainbow has taught me that through helping others, I truly help myself. The benefits I gain from performing acts of kindness are endless—pride from volunteering for a community clean-up project, the joy of playing checkers with a senior citizen, and the accomplishment of raising funds to support another charitable organization. These are all ways that Rainbow guides me toward becoming a responsible, caring adult.

Gave back to my

Local Community


Rainbow has also taught me it is important to support those who support me. This is why my Assembly takes on several community projects through out the year, to ensure we are giving back to those who support us. Fundraising, road side clean up, making blankets for animal shelters, or working at food banks, Rainbow knows how to give back.

Volunteers Cleaning

Hosted an important

Business Meeting


Rainbow is youth led, which means it’s up to us to plan out the details of our own adventures. Rainbow has armed me with the skills needed to run meetings, such as how to prepare an agenda to keep my meeting on track, how to delegate work to committees so I don’t bear the load alone, and how to govern my meeting using Roberts Rules of Order.  

Planned my

Next Adventure

Rainbow gives me the freedom to make my wildest dreams come true. Working with my Rainbow sisters, I have learned that any goal is achievable. Think of Rainbow as an adventure club for girls, limited by our own imaginations.


What did you do last weekend? 

What Will You Learn?

Here at Sunrise 39, in addition to the skills Rainbow teaches, we have put together a home study program that will teach you about personal finances, zero based budgeting, how to save up for your first car, investing for wealth, investing for retirement, college planning, paying for college without a student loan, career planning, resumes, cover letters, how to prep for job interviews, how to get your first job, what to expect when you move out on your own, leadership, meeting management, how to lead teams, how to write agendas, how to delegate work to other team members, personal safety, and more. It's a study at your own pace program to prevent conflicting with your normal school work. 

Learning From Home
Best Friends

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Download the "Last Weekend In Rainbow I ..." Brochure

​This web page acknowledges allegiance to the Supreme Assembly, International Order of the Rainbow for Girls, whose seat of authority is in McAlester, Oklahoma, of which Reverend W. Mark Sexson was the founder, Mrs. Kay Letterman is Supreme Worthy Advisor, and Arizona Grand Assembly of which Mrs. Carolyn York is Supreme Worthy Associate Advisor and Supreme Inspector.
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