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Huachuca Lodge No. 53 is a traditional lodge which meets monthly in Sierra Vista, Arizona on the first Wednesday of the month at 7 PM (Dinner is at 6 PM). If you wish to visit, please be ready to present a current dues card, photo id, and to pass a quick exam by the investigation committee sent to examine you. Don’t worry, the examination is common knowledge that a true Mason can pass with no issues.

Our meetings are opened on the lowest degree in the room, so all EA and FC’s are welcome as long as you have a MM to vouch for you.

We ask that all visitors join with us in honoring our customs of decorum and dress.

Decorum: It is our belief that a lodge should be a place for quiet contemplation. Therefore, we frown upon side conversations, mobile devices, or anything that might detract from a positive lodge experience. When speaking in Lodge, please stand, wait to be recognized by the Master. Once recognized, give the sign of the degree we are open on and then speak. If you need to leave the meeting (bathroom, other commitments, etc..) just stand up, walk to the west of the altar, give the sign and head for the door.


Dress: We don’t have an official dress code, but most of the officers’ wear suit and tie while, others wear polos and slacks. We get a lot of visiting Brothers, so just come with what you have and you will be okay. You are welcome to wear your own blue lodge apron (In Arizona you cannot wear a non-blue lodge apron at a blue lodge meeting), so we have white visitor aprons available also for you to wear. Most members wear the white visitor aprons during lodge.  

Visitors are encouraged to join us for dinner before each lodge meeting. Dinner is at 6 PM and is by donation. We accept cash or card.  

For more information about visitation, email our lodge secretary at:

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