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About Us

Huachuca Lodge #53 is located at 219 South Garden Ave in Sierra Vista Arizona, just across the street from historic Fort Huachuca. Our stated meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month starting at 7:00 PM. We join together beforehand for dinner at 6:00 PM. In addition to our stated meetings, we hold education on the third Wednesday at 6:00 PM. All other Wednesday’s are typically occupied with degree work, which follows the same schedule as the stated meetings. I think you will find that we are a progressive and very active Lodge.

Our Lodge attempts to blend modern society with the time proven tenets of our ancient and honorable institution; focusing on applying our timeless teachings to today’s society and daily life. To this end, you will notice a proportionately large number of young men taking leadership roles within the Lodge, mentored by a host of experienced Brothers. You may also notice our close relationship with the Military, as many of us are current, prior, or retired military. The collective military experience has enabled the Lodge to develop near, short, and long term plans which have resulted, in due proportion, in successful modernization both in membership and facilities.

Please Navigate to our Monthly newsletter and read about the many activities and programs which we have going and learn more about our membership and our approach to the Practice of Masonry here in Cochise County.

If you are moving here, or just coming for vacation or temporary duty please plan to join us. Our dress code is business casual (no shorts or sandals please), but do not let your attire determine your visit. We would much rather have you visit in blue jeans then not visit at all. Additionally, you can keep connected with us by following our open Facebook Page, which will highlight key events and plans.

Again, Welcome to our Lodge where you will be met with Open Arms, a Firm Grip and Kind Fellowship.

Meet The Officers

Billy Busse.png

WB Jason Cummins

Worshipful Master - President

Br. Billy Busse

Senior Warden - Vice President

Br. Brandon Martin

Junior Warden - Junior Vice President

Kuchar, Laco 2020_edited.png

WB Laco Kuchar

Lodge Treasurer


Br. Brian Strecker

Lodge Secretary

WB John Lervold

Senior Deacon

Cummings, Jason 2014 (2)_edited.png
LERVOLD 18APR2018.png

Br. Peter Spoto

Junior Deacon


WB Harry Brown

Lodge Chaplian

howie 2.png

WB Howie Seibert

Lodge Marshal



Senior Seward


Junior Seward

Br. Carlton Buscemi

Lodge Tyler

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