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George W. Prioleau Lodge #13 (Prince Hall)

Local Lodges

Meetings: 3rd Friday of the Month at 7 PM

Dinner: Served at the lodge at 6 PM

Location: Huachuca City, Arizona


Established in the heart of Huachuca City, Arizona, the George W. Prioleau Lodge #13 stands as a beacon of Masonic tradition and service. As a distinguished Prince Hall Masonic Lodge, they are deeply committed to fostering personal growth, community betterment, and the advancement of Masonic principles.

Their lodge, named in honor of George W. Prioleau, a prominent figure in Prince Hall Freemasonry, has a rich history rooted in the values of brotherhood, morality, and enlightenment. Since its inception, the lodge has been a steadfast pillar within the community, dedicated to upholding the esteemed traditions of Freemasonry.

Gathering on the Third Fridays, they extend a warm invitation to all Masonic brethren and those interested in their craft to join us on the third Fridays of each month at 7 PM. It is during these meetings that they come together to share knowledge, strengthen bonds, and work towards the betterment of themselves and their surroundings.

At George W. Prioleau Lodge #13, they believe that true enlightenment comes not only through individual growth but also through the collective efforts of a dedicated community. Together, they strive to make a positive impact, guided by the timeless principles of Freemasonry.


Explore their Facebook Page to learn more about their lodge, their history, and the events and initiatives they undertake. They look forward to welcoming you to their sacred halls and sharing in the journey of Masonic enlightenment.

Prince Hall is recognized by the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of Arizona and our Prince Hall Brothers are welcome to attend any function or event at Huachuca Lodge No. 53.

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