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Huachuca Lodge No. 53 Announces Barrett M82A1 Raffle Winner

Lodge Secretary

Jul 4, 2023

Huachuca Lodge announces it's Barrett 50 CAL Raffle Winner

In a thrilling culmination to the highly anticipated Barrett M82A1 raffle, Huachuca Lodge No. 53 is delighted to announce its lucky winner. The raffle, which generated significant excitement within the lodge and the wider community, has proven to be a resounding success.

After meticulous planning and coordination, the drawing ceremony took place on [Date], witnessed by a gathering of lodge members and supporters. The atmosphere was charged with anticipation as the container spun, eventually yielding the name of the fortunate recipient.

Mr. John Canisales, of Goodyear, Arizona, emerged as the victor of this prestigious prize. The Barrett M82A1, renowned for its precision engineering and superior performance, represents a cherished addition to any firearm enthusiast's collection.

The Lodge extends its heartfelt congratulations to Mr. Canisales on this well-deserved victory. Their support and participation in this raffle have contributed significantly to the success of our fundraising efforts.

The lodge wishes to express its deepest gratitude to all participants, as well as the wider community, for their invaluable support. Together, we continue to uphold the principles of brotherhood, benevolence, and unity that lie at the core of our Masonic heritage.

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