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Huachuca Lodge No. 53 Extends a Warm Welcome to Daughters of the American Revolution for Monthly Meetings

Bro. Brian Strecker

Jan 21, 2023

Huachuca Lodge No. 53 Opens it Doors to the Daughters of the American Revolution

In a gesture of fraternity and shared dedication to the values that underpin the foundation of our nation, Huachuca Lodge No. 53 proudly opens its doors every month to host the esteemed Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) for their regular meetings.

This collaboration is not only a demonstration of the Lodge's commitment to fostering connections within the community, but it also serves as a testament to the shared principles that bind these two esteemed organizations.

The monthly gatherings offer a platform for the organization to engage in open and constructive dialogue, as they seek to promote the ideals of patriotism, education, and historical preservation.

The Daughters of the American Revolution, a lineage-based organization comprised of women who can trace their heritage to individuals involved in the American Revolution, find an environment of camaraderie and shared purpose within the welcoming walls of Huachuca Lodge No. 53.

This partnership stands as a shining example of how diverse organizations can come together in mutual respect and understanding, working harmoniously to promote the principles that have shaped our nation.

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