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Huachuca Lodge No. 53 Supports Buena High School's Project Graduation with Generous Donation

Lodge Secretary

May 5, 2023

Huachuca Lodge No. 53 Donates $500 to Buena High School's Project Granulation.

In a demonstration of steadfast community commitment, Huachuca Lodge No. 53 has proudly donated $500 to Buena High School's Project Graduation initiative. This generous contribution reflects the Lodge's dedication to supporting local educational endeavors and ensuring the safety and success of graduating students.

Project Graduation is a vital program aimed at providing a safe and memorable environment for graduating seniors, allowing them to celebrate their accomplishments in a secure setting. By offering this donation, Huachuca Lodge No. 53 reaffirms its commitment to the growth and well-being of the youth in our community.

The Lodge, known for its longstanding tradition of philanthropy and community involvement, recognizes the significance of supporting educational milestones. This contribution will directly contribute to the success of Project Graduation and help create a positive and memorable experience for the graduating class.

Huachuca Lodge No. 53 extends its best wishes to all the Buena High School graduates and encourages them to step into their futures with confidence and determination.

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