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Rainbow Girls from Sunrise Assembly No. 39 Extend Heartfelt Support to Cochise High Twelve's Annual Masonic Widows Luncheon

Lodge Secretary

Feb 14, 2023

Rainbow Girls from Sunrise Assembly No. 39, support our Masonic Widows.

In a heartwarming display of Masonic unity and compassion, the Rainbow Girls from Sunrise Assembly No. 39 recently joined hands with the Cochise High Twelve to lend their support to the annual Masonic Widows Luncheon.

This cherished event, held at The Landmark Cafe, has long been a beacon of comfort and camaraderie for the widows of our departed Masonic brethren. It provides them with an opportunity to come together, share stories, and find solace in the warm embrace of their extended Masonic family.

The International Order of the Rainbow for Girls, known for their unwavering dedication to community service, played a pivotal role in ensuring the success of this year's luncheon. Their enthusiasm and commitment were evident from the moment they arrived, as they eagerly assisted in the preparations, from setting up the venue to arranging floral decorations.

The atmosphere was filled with a sense of unity and purpose, exemplifying the true essence of Freemasonry. The Rainbow Girls' presence was not only felt in their tireless efforts but also in the genuine connections they forged with the widows. Their compassionate gestures and kind words were a source of comfort to those who have experienced loss.

The Cochise High Twelve, no strangers to orchestrating this heartwarming event, were deeply appreciative of the Rainbow Girls' involvement. Their shared commitment to the betterment of the community was evident in the seamless cooperation and genuine camaraderie that unfolded throughout the day.

As the luncheon came to a close, the room was filled with a palpable sense of gratitude and unity. The Rainbow Girls, standing shoulder to shoulder with their Masonic brethren, left an indelible mark on this cherished tradition.

Huachuca Lodge No. 53 and Cochise High Twelve are immensely proud of the Rainbow Girls' dedication to our Masonic principles and their invaluable contribution to the Masonic Widows Luncheon. Their actions serve as a reminder that the spirit of Freemasonry thrives not only in our rituals but also in our genuine care for one another.

In the truest Masonic tradition, these young women have exemplified the tenets of Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth, reminding us all of the profound impact we can have when we come together with open hearts.

For more information about the Rainbow Girls and upcoming events, please contact Bro. Brian Strecker at 520-559-9594.

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