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Sunrise Assembly No. 39 Rainbow Girls Embark on a Rewarding Journey to Phoenix Comic Con

Lodge Secretary

Jun 3, 2023

Lodge Secretary

In a celebration of their hard work and dedication, the young ladies of Sunrise Assembly No. 39 Rainbow Girls recently treated themselves to a well-deserved trip to the renowned Phoenix Comic Con.

This exciting venture was not only a testament to their achievements but also a remarkable display of camaraderie and unity among the members. The Rainbow Girls, known for their commitment to community service and personal growth, found an opportunity to come together and enjoy an event that aligned with their shared interests.

The Phoenix Comic Con, renowned for bringing together enthusiasts of all ages, proved to be an ideal destination for the Rainbow Girls to immerse themselves in a world of creativity, imagination, and shared passions. From engaging panels and captivating exhibitions to meeting like-minded individuals, the experience was nothing short of extraordinary.

The trip, meticulously organized by the assembly's dedicated youth leadership, provided a perfect balance between education, entertainment, and team-building. It was evident that each member returned enriched by the experience, carrying with them cherished memories and newfound inspirations.

As the Rainbow Girls continue to exemplify the values of leadership, community service, and personal development, their trip to the Phoenix Comic Con stands as a testament to their collective spirit and commitment to growth.

Stay tuned for more updates and inspiring stories from Sunrise Assembly No. 39.

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